8 thoughts on “Mass Production Completed!

    • Mrs Studios says:

      Yes there is still a free lanyard but I unfortunately had to change the design. I’ve upgraded the new design to have a keychain as well

  1. Catlyn says:

    I thought I remember a poll saying it should get to you by December 20th? But I remember you also posting (in all honesty most likely I dreamt this part) the passports in your hand/ table.

    • Mrs Studios says:

      I never physically had them – just photos from the manufacturer. They WERE meant to arrive end of December but because of the ports being crazily congested this holiday my vessel is in a queue and didn’t make expected time 🙁

  2. Anissa Chenivesse-Laoudj says:

    Hi! Any news for this product? Because I’m supposed to move from my flat in mid february and I’m not sure if I have to change my adress or not.. thank youuuu

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