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We managed a total of 800 packaged and out this week!

Next week will likely be less as I don’t have the resource and support as a small business to pack that many again but we will try our very best to get the rest of them done!

The LATEST will be two weeks for them all to be done.

11 thoughts on “Posting to you

    • Mrs Studios says:

      A free lanyard is provided with all passport pre-orders. The design was changed alongside the passport design change for licencing reasons

  1. Sabryna says:

    How long will it take for it to get me? I see a lot of people are receiving theirs now and mine still hasn’t arrived yet. (Im in Canada)

    • Mrs Studios says:

      Canada is around 2-3 weeks on average (up to 8 weeks on rarer occasions)
      You’ll be seeing the UK arrivals on social media right now as these take just 2 days.

  2. Theo says:

    It says that the project is complete, yet i haven’t received any tracking yet? Ofc if you’re still packing them it’s no worries but on Instagram you said you were finished? I’m just a little confused

      • Theo says:

        Oh i see! Ok that’s fair, I was just a tad confused! I can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂

        Also, is there a shipping confirmation email? Or would the coincide with the no tracking thing? Sorry to ask so many questions!

  3. Jordan James says:

    Hello! just wondering if all had been delivered yet? Not complaining or anything oc! I’m just wondering because I am in the UK and have yet to hear anything about my order

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