Meet The Gang

Miso & Chu

The dynamic duo! Best known for their cosplaying performance “my wizard robe and hat” – they have taken the world by storm! Miso is a lazy cat, but kept on his toes with Chu and his mischief! “It’s just a prank bro!”. Chu occasionally hangs out with Pi’s flock but is secretly planning a coup d’état for top drake.

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The Frogots

A forgetful frog. A member of the Frogot family, heir to the throne – probably. He can’t remember. Wait – now he’s saying he plays tennis for a living and owns a 1-bed studio in Tokyo. Never mind, he just cancelled that too. He thinks he likes pizza but he can’t remember if he’s ever seen one. He thinks pizza is an insect. Now he’s unsure if he’s Frob or if that’s his brother.

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Proof that cats are not from this planet! Cosmo has travelled from galaxy to galaxy before coming to ours and landing on Earth. Likes staring through windows, being awkward and causing tension. Has several restraining orders that he does not obey. Never looks at the camera for photos.

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The famous presenter from the Pi Duck Show – he’s kind of a big deal. Spends the evenings hanging out with his flock as the top drake. Likes cushions, hoisin sauce, and politics.

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The professor of professors. A polymath that has both breadth and depth in breadth and depth. He wasn’t always purple – but after a freak accident with a blueberry, a bottle of purple, and a mislabeled shaker of MSG, he woke up purple the next day. His most cited paper: “On humans and how to get more strokes”.

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Self-proclaimed artist! Has her own business: Kuma Studios, you should check it out! She has 0 sales but considers that a record after 7 years. Has a side-hustle doing ASMR videos on WoooTube, but hasn’t monetized yet and has mostly thumbs down. Apparently, she keeps chewing the microphone.

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The only thing soy loves more than Soy sauce is her parents! That’s why she wears an emperor penguin hood to look like them… but her friends say it makes her look like an elephant.

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Lemon is Soy’s best friend

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Tuna used to be a Sushi-Idol until his fans discovered he’d lazily auto-tuned his vocals on every track. After leaving the industry in shame with the nickname “Auto-Tuna”, he became a sofishticated influencer, starting the popular trend of sleeping in maki rolls.

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Yellow Fish

Yellow Fish looked up to her older brother, Tuna, who she’d started calling “Manual-Tuna” because he didn’t like his new “Auto-Tuna” nickname. She’s a big fan of the Pi Duck Show and even went to see him live. Unfortunately, her cat-like instincts took over, and she was dragged out the recording studio hissing and scratching.

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Cucumber was a diligent kitten. He’d always struggled to eat properly and would always miss his mouth with a fork. After seeing an ad for forklift training, he got the wrong idea and signed up for 10 classes paid in advance. Needless to say, he still can’t eat properly, but he’s really good at moving shipping containers around the docks. 

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Soybean is obsessed with tea. She drinks around 20 cups a day, and has signed a contract with the “Catshire Tea” company to be the face of the company. What they don’t know is that she’s planned this for the last five years, to infiltrate the Catshire Tea company and sabotage it from the inside. She plans to release her own tea under her own company, “Soybean Tea #1”.

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