Setting up your bag

What to expect from the Everyday Ita Bag and how to switch between backpack and shoulder bag

Cleaning Your Ita Bag

We recommend using a damp cloth to gently wipe clean the PU on your bag.

Do not use harsh chemicals. 

Relaxing your window

Temperature changes can cause the vinyl window to contract. This is fine in normal ita bags. The Everyday Ita Bag however has poppers that can come slightly misaligned.

You’ll need to care for your bag and here’s a simple trick on how to align them again!


The Stami Studios Everyday Ita Bag Kickstarter was an challenging and exciting project, with an ambition to bring a bag to life that can adapt to your personality and interests! Once the Kickstarter campaign come to its conclusion, we began working with the manufacturer to deliver on our original vision. We hope you enjoy the final product of the Kickstarter, and we thank you for your support. 

The bag is taking longer to arrive than I expected/Why the delays?

The Kickstarter was the largest project undertaken by Stami Studios, and unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down every cog in the machine from manufacturing to delivery. Please bear with us as we endeavour to fulfil every Kickstarter reward tier and then every Stami Studios shop pre-order. 

We have been busy trying to organise storage for these bags and getting some kind of shipping process in place – our original plans had to change when the existing chain for packaging and shipment (fulfilment centre) were not able to accommodate us in time because they were impacted by the pandemic.

We are slowly catching up, and our email gives an indication of the wait time for response. Please bear with us – we often use the word “we” but really it is just one person. 

We’ve added photographs (on Instagram and Kickstarter) of the bag as soon as they were received. We’ve also released a few videos that you can find on this page.

What changed between the advertised samples and the finished product:

Have the quality and materials changed between the Kickstarter sample and the finished bag?

The quality of materials and manufacturing estimations remained the same from the sample (shown in the Kickstarter campaign) and the finished bags. The most visually notable improvement was to the stitching, to get a stronger bond for longer-lasting panels.

The sample photos showed stitching but my bag doesn’t?

Stitching was used to make a sample but isn’t great long term. The final bags were machine pressed, this is much more durable and will last longer.

What happened to the cream white colour?

The cream was changed to a bright white. We did this to make mixing and matching bags and panels look nicer together.

Why are there more poppers on the back?

These were added to allow for more attachments (wings, ears & tails) as well as a precaution in case some poppers become lose over time.

The zippers and inside lining is different?

We upgraded both of these! The zippers are now stars and the lining was upgraded to a fabric with a shimmer look. 

How do I attach pins to my insert?

The insert is used in a similar way to a cork board. You do not need to attach backs to the insert as it is thick enough to hold the pins without. After applying your pins you stick the insert to the inside of your bag via the Velcro strips and close the front window zip.
The insert is too thick to fit a pin back.

There are some loose threads around my bag

Some bags may have some loose threads, they arrived from manufacturing like this and can easily be pulled out or cut without damaging the bag.

There are small dents on my front panel

With PU (faux leather) there is a chance of some minor dents during transit and around where the poppers have been attached.

These don’t take away from the overall look of the bag or take away from its fit for purpose.

My front panel has some paint from the edges on the front of the panel

With the complexity of the designs and large order, some of the painted edges have over spilt slightly, on some occasions it can be peeled off easily. In most cases we only send out panels that still look good and aren’t classed as defective.

My bag has creasing around the edges

This is due to worldwide transit and PU material will unfortunately crease when flat packed. The creasing will occur on the side of the bag and when in use will not be as noticeable. Our manufacturer assures us this is the case for most bags that are not stuffed throughout all transit.



You can find more information about returns for replacement on the following page: Refund & Return Policy | Stami Studios.