Ita Case Updates

Visual timeline of current production and manufacturing process.

September 2020

Pre-orders open.

October 2020

Sample is going through any changes and resampling (and/or alternative colours sampling) and mass production moulds are being made

Predicted Nov 2020

Mass production started!


Dispatched, estimated 25-30 days to arrive to the U.K.


They arrived to us in the UK, travelled to our studio and are prepping to be posted out to YOU!

8 thoughts on “Ita Case Updates

  1. Christine Nguyen says:

    Hii! If I pre-order, will it be okay to change my address later on? Since I’m moving to a new location at the end of the year. Thank you!!!

  2. ashley says:

    Since the timeline is still blank, is there any estimate as to when they would potentially be sent out? Or when pre orders would be closing? Ty.

    • Mrs Studios says:

      Not yet! Currently waiting on finalising samples, shouldn’t be too much longer now for this stage, got to make sure the colours are correct

  3. Jasper says:

    I know you don’t have the timeline planned yet but im wondering if u have a date or number of orders for ending pre-orders? Also wondering if (based on your past bags) u think these might be shipping by xmas? I have a feeling they wont beceince the bag launched in july isnt shipping yet but figured it couldnt hurt to ask since you have done manufactured orders before!

    • Mrs Studios says:

      Hi Jasper. There should be done much sooner than the everyday ita bag (that bag has over 10,000 panels to be made!). Still pushing my manufacturer for before Christmas on these!
      Pre orders will stay up until sold out!

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