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What is it?

Hop Hop Fox is our mobile puzzle game that is set to release Spring/Summer 2024...

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Luxury Tote Progress

The material has been cut and is now being sewn. No estimated despatch/arrival date yet

Luxury Ita Totes Update

Mass production is well on its way now. You can still pre-order the bag, there...

Shipping Update

Pre-orders have all been shipped!

Shipping Update 2

Pre-orders have all been shipped!

Shipping Update 1

The pre-orders that contain the following pins have been posted: – Omni Whale – Demi...

Shipping Complete

All pre-orders on skirts have been shipped! (unless your pre-order had a halloween restock item...

All shipped!

All sushi cat pre-orders have now been shipped.

Preorders open

Pre orders for the Cotton Candy colour is open. Witches Brew colour option coming soon.

Arriving Soon

These are due to arrive to us any day now!